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My Letter in the Local Paper

I've been writing about the trails in my hometown (Boulder, CO), so I figured I'd add my letter to the editor — the local paper published it today.

For the photo, I'm going with Sam and Lisa out being friendly (at least to me) on a local trail. Hey, it's my blog so why not?

Friendly faces make trails pleasurable

Pollyanna, an archetype for infectious optimisim, should visit Boulder open space more often. Encounters with other trail users -- on foot, bike or horse -- are defined not by the mode of travel we employ or our relative speeds.

Instead, it`s the smile, the pleasant greeting and the subtle positioning on the trail that creates an enjoyable experience. I don`t mind a runner blasting by me, so long as she`s willing to share a friendly hello. I`d far prefer that to meeting a grim-faced plodder who exudes, "I wish you weren`t here" as we silently pass.

Pollyanna is derided as foolish, but we`re fooling ourselves if we think segregating users and restricting activities will make our shared open space a pleasant place to recreate.



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