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Indiana Chapter NITRO is Going Off

IMBA's chapters—currently 205 strong and counting—are the engines that keep mountain biking moving forward. Each has its unique strengths and challenges, their own identities and ways of doing things. 

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We recently came across a message penned by Diana de Carranza, vice president of Northeast Indiana Trail Riders Organization, better known as NITRO. They have been an IMBA chapter since the summer of 2012, proudly serving the MTB community in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and surrounding counties.

NITRO is experiencing strong membership growth, which helps power a successful trail stewardship program—here are some excerpts from a recent update de Carranza sent to NITRO's members. 

Membership Growth and IMBA Chapter Status

We have grown from a small group of five back in 2012 to now close to 100 members! With the help of our parent organization IMBA we have brought education, outreach, and community service and introduced our passion of mountain biking to northeastern Indiana.
Trail Building Knowledge and Instructor Certification Program
With the help of IMBA and our corporate supporters we have brought professional trail builders to Fort Wayne to teach our crews best practice techniques in building a trail that will be sustainable in all types of weather. And with the help of many volunteers we have been able to serve in the community of Fort Wayne by participating in organized events and festivals; 2015 also brought three newly certified ICP Skills Coaches/Ride Leaders to our crew. It has been so exciting to see our organization grow and become a larger part of the bicycling community.
Volunteer Recognition and Value
Five NITRO volunteers have logged over 100 hours of time in trail building and trail maintenance efforts—well done!

Diana de Carranza - 249 hours
Martín Carranza - 241 hours
Paul Bishop - 149 hours
Wade Fromholt - 136 hours
Randy Rozewicz - 119 hours

In Indiana, one volunteer hour is valued at $21.56. In 2015, 52 NITRO volunteers logged 1,521 hours, equivalent to $32,793! This is important because not only does it show our community leaders our dedication but in the event that we need to raise funds for special projects these “dollars” can be used toward grant possibilities for future trails.
Keep up the great work NITRO! Thanks to chapter vice president Diana de Carranza for allowing us to share her words. 
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