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Tucson on the Rocks

We always preach to anyone who will listen that it is imperative to provide adequate opportunities and diverse experiences to trail users.  Tucson, Arizona has a wealth of riding opportunities both on road and off road.  The riding is solid, but a need for more advanced riding options has been identified.  SDMB (Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists) have been pro-active in identifying this need by getting people to respond to a survey.  The Black Diamond Survey has become a great tool that helps communicate to decision makers what the riding populous wants.

All that being said we were psyched to see the Bug Spring Trail in the Coronado National Forest.  Here is a multi-use trail that offered the advanced riding the local ridership is seeking.  We were able to work with the US Forest Service, SDMB and WOWAZ (Wild Outdoor World of Arizona) putting in knicks, opening up sightlines and choking down the trail.  We want to keep the advanced trails maintained and open to mountain bikers.  Hopefully future trails in the area provide more advanced experiences and take some pressure off of the few existing opportunities.

Take one part gravity, two parts rock and four parts cactus shake it up and pour it in a Camelback.  Garnish with a twist of body armor and enjoy.  This recipe may not work everywhere, but in Tucson, AZ it tastes just fine (remarkably just like margaritas).

Big thanks go out to Oasis B & B for providing our lodging for the weekend.  It was great to ride from where we stayed and be taken care of by Dr. Decadence and his wife MaryEllen.  Thanks also to SDMB, all the volunteers that came out Saturday and the Coronado National Forest.

Photos from the weekend:

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