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The Road Trip Diaries: Episode 1 - All You Can Eat Southwest

Spring is opening season for mountain bike road trips and we (the MTB Project crew) recently returned from our first foray in the IMBAru, visiting 7 trail systems in 9 days in 4 states. We dubbed it the 'All You Can Eat Southwest' tour, riding all over the Colorado Plateau as well as the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts.

We’re very excited to be working on a collaboration with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and IMBA Trail Solutions to showcase a select list of mountain bike opportunities on BLM lands. From now until fall we’re on a mission to capture the essence 20 different locations across the country for MTB Project

The first of two trips to the Southwest started with a quick stop in Moab where we jumped off the deep end on Captain Ahab. It's one of the most progressive BLM trails to date, featuring plenty of challenge and exposure surrounded by amazing scenery.

From there, we traveled west and south through Utah to the small town of Hurricane. Home to both an IMBA Epic (Hurricane Rim) and a National Recreation trail (Gooseberry Mesa), the area provides the full compliment of mountain bike experiences from fast and flowy trails to super techy slickrock.

Las Vegas was only a short 2.5 hours away and well worth the effort to drive further and deeper into the desert. If you've ever experienced life beyond the Strip, you know that Red Rock National Conservation Area is an excellent place to discover an abundance of recreation . In addition to world class climbing this area also features two excellent trail systems, Cowboy Trails and Cottonwood Valley.

Tired yet?

Keep the loop going by making the jump down towards Phoenix. That's where the Black Canyon Trail awaits. As an ultra long distance trail, it provides many opportunities to ride through giant saguaros and along the edge of the Agua Fria River. And this is where your appetite should be in overdrive so don’t forget to stop at the Rock Springs Cafe to sample some of their world famous pie.

Once you've had your fill of cactus and rhubarb crumb, settle in for a big transfer northwest into New Mexico.  Your goal is Alburquerque and the final ride at White Ridge Bike Trails. This is a place that will most certainly surprise you. Set on top of a high mesa ridge ridge, the trails are surrounded by fantastic 360 degree views and very unique geology. It’s certainly a great finale to a whole buffet of awesome bike experiences.

Stay tuned for more from the MTB Project crew as they travel throughout the year to document great trail experiences throughout the US.


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