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The MTB Project Bucket List: Where Should I Ride in Steamboat?

No matter what kind of mountain biker you are, you’ve probably got a bucket list. In fact, if you’re like me, you have several.

In previous years, I’ve done my best as map geek-mountain bike nerd to maintain a spreadsheet of the places I have yet to ride. Since Excel is so early 2000s, I’ve found a much better, more modern option on

Appropriately named To-Do List, this feature is very helpful in tracking where my next ‘favorite’ ride is going to take place. It’s very easy to use; simply login and click on your name on the upper right. Not a registered user? Get started here.

From there, you’ll go to your profile page and look for your To-Do list at the top. Don’t have anything yet? Keep reading and I’ll help you build one.

In preparation for next week’s IMBA World Summit, I’ve been updating my list for Steamboat Springs. It’s hard to pick rides in a place like this so I jumped into the area's overview page to find a starting point. From there I read through a range of experiences and recommendations.

Once I found the rides that piqued my interest, I linked to the trail page directly and then added them to my list by clicking the ‘Add It!’ link:

Hint: Look for the You and This Ride on the right-hand side of the page.

High alpine meadows, check. Wildflowers, check. Gravity trails with berms, rollers and jumps, check. It didn’t take much time before I had my bucket-list set for Steamboat.

Now I can worry about the more important things, like post-ride food and fun. See you next week!

PS - The To-List from MTB also syncs with the MTB Project app. Download it here to help you navigate on the trail.

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