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The Boulder-White Clouds Experience

Amidst a busy summer of travel, I recently returned from an important and exciting trip to central Idaho. Continuing the process of building the MTB Project website, my latest assignment in the field was a special one. I traveled north with IMBA’s Conservation Manager Aaron Clark to ride in the Boulder-White Clouds Mountains. Along with fellow mountain bikers from the Conservation Alliance, Outdoor Alliance, Wood River Bicycle Coalition and Club Ride, we pedaled with the goal of documenting an important route in a beautiful and unique landscape.

Gathering a few hours north of Sun Valley, near the town of Stanley, we embarked on a day-long adventure named Castle Divide. It proved to be a classic backcountry ride across ever-changing, gorgeous high elevation terrain. Like other remote routes, riding through this type of rugged country is not the kind of thing that happens easily. Although we were doing the pedaling ourselves, the ultimate goal was to take our experience and build a narrative to share with others.

Although I travel frequently and have mapped thousands of miles across the country, this recent trip reminds me of the significance of IMBA’s work in the field and MTB Project as a vehicle for communication. In the grand scheme of things, any ride uploaded to the site is a significant step towards collecting every ride on the planet. Routes such as Castle Divide showcase the ultimate vision of the tool. Although, it’s great for showing mountain bikers where to ride, MTB Project is also critical to share the narrative about the landscapes they ride through. In situations like this, the site actually goes beyond the sport of mountain biking to speak to anyone who is interested in learning more about the unique experience available in a place like the Boulder-White Cloud mountains.

To see the incredible backdrops and trails in the Boulder-White Cloud mountains, check out the Castle Divide route on MTB Project.

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