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A Visit with The North Face

To wrap up our Bay Area visit we got the chance to visit our new Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew partner, The North Face.  We’re very excited to have them as a sponsor and look forward to working with them.

During our tour of their San Leandro, CA facility we met some really cool people and got an inside look at an iconic brand.  We’ll admit, as outdoor fanatics, we were a bit starry eyed at times.  One fun aspect of our visit was previewing a new line of mountain bike specific clothing.  Excited?  We hope so, it’s super awesome! Look for the new line in stores for the 2011 season.

Another cool part of the visit was to learn about North Face’s commitment to sustainability and their connection with the outdoor community.  These are two things that resonate with us and we were thrilled to hear about their grassroots effort to make a difference.  TNF has leveraged the power of social networking with Planet Explore, a web-based community that helps people get connected with the outdoors.  This on-line tool has the ability help people find activities, participate in an event, or simply see what’s going on in the outdoor world.  We’re looking forward to getting our Trail Care Crew schedule listed in the mix.

BIG THANKS goes out to Brook for showing us around.  I think we can speak for all of IMBA – thank you for supporting us!  We’re stoked to have The North Face as a partner.

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The North Face

That's hella cool. I've been telling my peeps @ The North Face they need to make more bike clothes for a while now. Sounds like a great partnership!I