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Understanding "Rides and "Trails" on

If you've visited the MTB Project website you may have noticed two categories: "rides" and "trails." Some have wondered what the difference might be — one doesn’t exist without the other, right?

The idea with rides is that they are recommended routes — they link trails in a logical, navigable and, hopefully, enjoyable fashion. One of the main goals for MTB Project is to facilitate a great experience for someone who is totally unfamiliar with a new riding destination. Rather than giving every trail equal weight, a ride comes with the recommendation of a knowledgable source. It's local wisdom, distilled into a digital format.

If you're riding in a familiar location, you've probably done the recommended ride several times. Viewing trails may be more interesting. Hopefully you'll agree that the recommended route is a great option (if not, you can suggest edits via the "edit description" feature). On each route page you can scroll down to the "view trails on this ride" area and see a list. This should help if you'd prefer to put your own route together.

Basically, a ride is what you would recommend to a friend who is visiting your home area for the first time, and trails show the options when you're ready to explore all the possible combinations.

See the graphic below for a more detailed description of the ride/trail distinction on the MTB Project website.

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