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Trails in Hong Kong are getting a face lift

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in Hong Kong SAR recently contacted IMBA Trail Solutions to assist with trail design and construction in Tai Lam Park.  Trail Specialists HM Lim and Chris Kehmeier arrived on site to help make past design and assessments on the Tin Man trail a reality.

The first round of construction consisted of a final flag line identifying a corridor to be cleared.  The topography and vegetation makes for not only challenging construction but challenging design as well.  After the corridor was cleared away, the construction crews began digging in earnest.

Monday through Friday saw tread being built by contractors, but the weekends saw volunteers out helping add a mountain bike flair and feel to the trail.  When the project is complete, a new sustainable and much longer alignment will have been built connecting the Tai Lam Mountain Bike Trail – Tin Fu Tsai North Section to the bottom of the hill near Tai Lam Chung Reservoir.  At just over four kilometers long, the Tin Man trail will offer several experiences ranging from tight, traditional singletrack to progressive free-ride natural features to new school flow trail.

After the phase one section is complete, the AFCD will begin on phase two in the “desert wasteland” section.  Here is where the trail really begins to display multiple characteristics with freeride type options for advanced riders to enjoy.

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