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Trail Solutions Partners With Others to Assess Riding Opportunities in Haiti

IMBA Trail Solutions recently partnered with Travelcology and MTB Ayiti to help assess a race route and riding opportunities in Haiti.  Trail Specialist Chris Kehmeier met up with Philip Kiracofe, CEO of Travelcology, along with Photographer Steve Zdawczynski and Journalist Jayme Moye to take a look at what Haiti has to offer.  The trip focused on researching a route that would take riders from Port-au-Prince, up over Montagne Noir to La Visite National Park. From the National Park riders would then descend to Jacmel on the southern coast.  The course consists of steep dirt roads through agriculture areas punctuated with miles of both explored and unexplored footpaths in and around the National Park.

Developing adventure-based tourism is one of the main goals of the race.  By holding an event that can showcase all the good in Haiti rather than the damage from the earthquake in 2010 will help move Haiti from CNN to ESPN.  For more information regarding the race and voluntourism opportunities please visit MTB Ayiti.

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Thanks for a fun trip!

Awesome pics chris! Can you email these to me?? devan7 at gmail. Thanks!