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Trail Solutions Gathers in Boulder for Field Staff Week

In the never-ending attempt to bring the best trails and trailbuilding techniques to their clients and riders around the globe, the IMBA Trail Solutions Team convened last week in Boulder, Colorado, USA, to collaborate with their colleagues from North America and beyond.

The week started with a joint session of the entire IMBA staff gathered to discuss the current state of strategic planning.  For an organization that exists as a network stretched across the North America, it was extremely useful to come together to share and exchange ideas and information.

After the joint sessions with all staff, the Trail Solutions team spent some quality time together on important and relevant trailbuilding topics. Building on the Wilderness First Aid and Chainsaw Safety training from last spring, they dedicated their time to subjects such as soils and field photography, in addition to GPS data collection and mapping.

The positive impacts of this field staff week will ripple for months to come as the Trail Solutions team, in addition to the rest of the IMBA staff, return to their respective locations to better implement IMBA's mission.

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