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Spring in the Sierras

April in Tahoe; it’s not necessarily the best time of year to ride a mountain bike if you’re at the lake. However, if you’re part of the re-energized mountain bike movement, you’ve been thinking about trails (the dirt kind) all winter.

We rolled into the Tahoe Area on the heels of a very successful MTB Trails Conference that took place last October. It was an event that brought together the mountain bike community, the US Forest Service, and many other interested and dedicated parties. One significant outcome was the resurgence of TAMBA, the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association. We were happy to spend our final weekend in California helping everyone keep the momentum going.

TAMBA had a full schedule for us on Friday and we were happy to provide support on a variety of subjects. Quality of life and sustainable trails were the first two topics on the list, and while the two don’t seemed like a matched pair, you can’t have one without the other. Make no mistake, the living in this part of the world is good already, but there’s a group of people that are hoping to make it better.

During the last presentation of the day we learned just how the group plans to accomplish ‘make it better’. As part of the Club Care discussion, the group shared their 2011 action plan. It was impressive and is certain to be impactful. It’s the kind of document every club should have and will help TAMBA keep moving in the right direction.

On Saturday we ventured down out of the snow to the Carson Valley to build some trails on a newly developing, 16+ mile trail system in Genoa. It was a gorgeous day in a spectacular setting. Working in the big pines under blues skies, we crafted a new line of singletrack into the hillside. Although the setting was one of the most memorable in our travels, the brightest spot of the day was witnessing local trail advocates working side by side with the Forest Service. Actions speak volumes and this is exactly the kind of foundation that will take TAMBA far into the future with great success.

BIG Thanks to Lauren for hosting us! Thanks to TAMBA and the US Forest Service for organizing our visit. Thanks to Jeremy Vlcan and the Humboldt/Toiyabe National Forest for providing a place to build trails on Saturday. Thanks to Chuck from the Carson Valley Trails Association for bringing tools. Thanks to everyone who participated in the presentations on Friday and/or the trailbuilding fun on Saturday – your efforts were greatly appreciated.

Photos from the weekend can be found here.

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Where is the trail?

How about and update on construction progress and a map to see and "test" all this work? Galena certainly has some great trails... but more riders attracted there now would appreciate new trails. thanks for the good work but please update...

Good job Leslie and Chris,

Good job Leslie and Chris, you two are awsome!