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Santa Cruz, CA-Pogonip Trail Design and Training

Trail Solutions spent this past weekend helping MBoSC (Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz) finalize a new trail alignment in Pogonip, a popular city park in the heart of Santa Cruz, California.

MBoSC received a grant from IMBA’s Trail Building Fund to bring in Trail Specialist Chris Kehmeier to review and adjust the alignment to provide for maximum sustainability and to ensure user friendliness.

The weekend also focused on teaching club members sustainable design.  Over the course of two days the group focused on laying out turns, incorporating grade reversals and building through flat sections of land.

The proposed, nearly two-mile trail through Pogonip will provide a much-needed connection for trail users to get to other city trails and parks.  In addition, the trail will also bring more positive uses to the area, enabling the City of Santa Cruz to provide another safe and healthy way for its citizens to get outside.

For more information on the Pogonip trail proposal and MBoSC please go here.

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