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Rock Stars

After a short retirement from the Trail Care Crew we headed to join the Trail Solutions team at the New River Gorge project near Fayetteville, West Virginia.  Crew leader training has been in full swing for over a week and we showed up just in time to move some rocks.

NRG is blessed with many rocks, big and small.  In many sections of the trail system, they will become an important part of the tread, making it much more durable against erosion.  In addition to the functionality, it will give the trails a lot of character.

We're impressed by the hard work and dedication that the guys showed last week as they mastered the finer details of pitch stone armoring and rock wall construction.  Just call them rock stars!

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You guys are rock stars! my

You guys are rock stars! my entire family can't wait to get out and help build & ride these trails that are just a few miles from our home. Thank you all at IMBA for what you do.