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Join the Parade!

Trails! They love ‘em in desert around Palm Springs. Never before have we seen such a parade of hikers, dog walkers and mountain bikers enjoying their landscape. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

During the most recent visit on our southern California tour we worked with BLM, City of Palm Desert and local advocates in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. It was a great opportunity to team up with a federal land agency that is very open to providing quality mountain bike experiences.

Our visit coincided with the Monument’s 10th Anniversary and was a chance to help the BLM reach out to the local mountain bike community. Over the course of the visit we were able to identify some very tangible goals that should create quite a buzz for the two-wheeled crowd.

If you’ve never been to Palm Springs, you'd be amazed by the scenery. And I’m not talking pretty rocks and cactus; I’m talking about serious vertical terrain. This kind of elevation, for better or worse, perpetuates intermediate and advanced experiences. It’s not so extreme that you can’t ride, but steep enough that it probably intimidates some of the beginner (including the ones who want to get into the sport) crowd.

Ironically, during our Better Living through Trails presentation, beginner-level trails were recognized as a need throughout the valley. Fortunately, this small and very tangible idea became the theme for the weekend. Even the Mayor of Palm Springs was on-hand to weigh in on the notion of getting more people outside on their bikes. From our perspective, this type of project has the potential to rally the local mountain bike crowd, establish them as a dedicated and organized group, and provide a springboard to future projects.

On Sunday we met our new friends for a ride to celebrate the weekend. With snow up high in the mountains and palm trees lining the desert below, we pedaled with the rest of the parade, enjoying another day out on the trails.

BIG Thanks to the BLM’s Steve Harris for organizing our TCC visit. Thanks also to other BLM staff, including manager Jim Foote, for being integral parts of the weekend. Thanks to the City of Palm Desert and Ryan S for your efforts to work with the TCC and BLM. Thanks to Mayor Steve Pougnet of Palm Springs for attending the Better Living through Trails presentation. Thanks to all of the volunteers and advocates who took part in various presentations and helped with trail maintenance at Cahuillla Hills Park. Your efforts, now and in the future, are very valuable.

Photos from the weekend:

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Leslie and Chris were great facilitators. Thank you for some great information.

Thank you!  It was a pleasure

Thank you!  It was a pleasure to work in Palm Springs.