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New River Gorge Scout-a-Thon Week 1

The first week of trailbuilding at new River Gorge is finally underway.  Everyone is now able to see that their planning, extra hours, and 1000+ tools is helping the first round of Boy Scouts (all 200 of them) on hand since the 4th of July.  Construction is scheduled to continue through the end of July with several hundred Scouts rotating through the project.

In the months leading up to week 1, the National Park Service staff, along with IMBA Trail Solutions, placed nearly 50,000 pin flags to designate the system of trails scheduled to be constructed. The flags are magically turning into trails as hand-crafted singletrack is now appearing in the woods at an amazing pace.

IMBA Trail Solution’s Chris Kehmeier and NPS staff have been busy walking the construction line answering questions, directing construction, and helping the Scouts leave a high-quality legacy for years to come.

Check out the first week of trail progress here.

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