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More Singletrack on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Trail Solutions returned to the Wasatch front in North Ogden, UT for more singletrack on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  Teaming up with Weber Pathways and Rocky Mountain Power were IMBA Trail Specialists Joey Klein and Chris Kehmeier.  The duo spent the past week in a race against the heat creating more trail where they left off last fall.  With the help of Weber Pathways and the City of Ogden a new singletrack was created connecting last year’s construction with the city of Pleasant View.  With a design and alignment in place the City of Ogden generously rented out an operator and their new Sutter 500 trail dozer to rough in the alignment over four days.  Once the trail was roughed in Joey and Chris chased through the woods and sage with mini excavators tightening things up and adding a finished touch.  Weber Pathways will host a some volunteer days in the near future to do the final rake down and any final touches.  The results should be as amazing as last year’s dozer built trails.  They went from a dozer blade width to shrinking down to a very respectable 18”-24” wide singletrack in a matter of months.

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Nice work!

Looking good in Ogden gang. Way to work together to put down some sweet new twisty ribbon. Nice photos - I like the way the trails are tightening up and taking shape after some months of use and growth. Wish I was there to join in the fun:)