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More Bonneville Shoreline Trail for Everyone

Trail Solution has recently begun construction on a northern extension of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) in North Ogden, UT.  The local trail advocacy group, Weber Pathways, contracted with IMBA Trail Solutions to design and build an extension through an existing Rocky Mountain Power corridor.  Rocky Mountain Power generously allowed access and trail construction in their corridor.  Trail Specialists Joey Klein and Chris Kehmeier have been hard at work the past couple weeks designing, clearing and constructing a new trail that will take trail users off an existing road and onto singletrack.

The bulk of the construction is being done with a mini-excavator, and with Weber Pathways organizing small armies of volunteers.  The volunteers have already proved invaluable, as they can turn out hundreds of feet of finished trail in no time at all.  The local newspaper, The Standard Examiner,  wrote a great article that can be found here.

Barring any early snow, the trail construction will continue well into the fall and early winter.

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