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The Little Things

What do Trail Care Crews and sopapillas have in common? For one, you can sweeten them up with honey :). And for another, especially in Santa Fe, they are two little things that have taken mountain biking into a new dimension.

Before the tractor beam pulled us back to our home state of Colorado, we stopped in Santa Fe to sample some fine New Mexican cuisine (red or green?) and help keep the momentum going for a blossoming mountain bike movement.

After a Trail Care Crew visit in 2010, a group of dedicated fat tire enthusiasts set out to make an already successful trails community even better. It’s no surprise that TCC Lommele ( go Steve and Morgan!) did their little things well and inspired the formation of the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society. Since last July SFFTS has been following their vision and working towards putting Santa Fe on the mountain bike map.

SFFTS is like many of the very successful clubs we have worked with during our two years on the Trail Care Crew. By doing the little things well, they have been able to establish themselves as a valuable part of the community in a relatively short amount of time. It doesn’t happen that way for every club, but the folks here have been able to build upon on a strong foundation that has great support for advocacy and the outdoors.

So, just what exactly are the little things?

Besides a basket of sopapillas after a long ride, it boils down to simple actions that have big meaning.

It’s the personal invite to local elected officials, city staff, and business owners. It’s names tags, sponsor banners, and treats during presentations, workshops, and training sessions. It’s a catered lunch and a swag raffle on trail work days to celebrate volunteers. It’s a handshake, a smile, and a heartfelt ‘thank you for being here’.

We’re really excited because it’s all happening in Santa Fe.

BIG Thanks to Bob and his committee for organizing our visit. Thanks to Gerardo for finding us a place to stay and a venue for the weekend's presentations. Thanks to all of the community organizations that supported the weekend. Thanks for all of the socials and goodies - it was a great opportunity to meet new people and invite new members. Thanks to Don Hays for designing some sweet singletrack. Thanks to the Santa Fe community for taking the time to discuss quality of life. Finally, thanks to all of the volunteers who came out Saturday and finished a new connector at La Tierra. What's next?

More photos from the weekend can be found here.

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Yeah it is the little things!

I have only been in Santa Fe for a couple of months and went to my first SFFTS mtg last month. You are right that they execute the little things well and it does make a difference. When I walked into the room members got up out of their chairs and came over to introduce themselves to the newcomer. It sure beats sitting in the back of the room wondering if I should have taken a shower. On the organized rides its, well its organized! There is a leader, a head count is taken, riders wait at intersections, the group has open communication to make sure everyone is ok, and it doesn't slow the group down a bit. You feel a part of something bigger! And after the ride we all recreate and socialize. What is all adds up to is an open environment that brings out the best you have to offer. What a concept! If you are building a club take note and offer a helping hand to your fellow pedal pusher. Its the little things that make a difference!

Oh yeah, the trails are great!