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IMBA Mapping on the Regional Summit Circuit

As the mapping program continues to develop, I’ve hit the road recently to attend the Southwest and Midwest Regional Summits to promote MTB Project.

The website, which serves as the conduit for the National Trails Database, is steadily gaining momentum with lots of exciting content being added every day.  In addition to the IMBA-based web and video resources for MTB Project, I wanted to work with advocates locally, providing updates for the development for the site, including a live demonstration.

Normally, it’s rude to look at your cell phone during a presentation, but I’ve been pleased to see summit participatants with their heads down looking at the smartphone tools used to build MTB Project.  In addition to reviewing the GPS app to collect ride and trail data, I noticed the excited looks on many faces when they downloaded the MTB Project app.  Used a navigation tool, the app is a condensed version of a web page and includes a map, description, elevation profile and photos.  Maps can even be cached to your phone when mobile service is limited.

One of the most important notes I touched on was the development of a regional administrator network that will help oversee and approve content on the site.  IMBA’s vast network of local experts will be tapped to ensure that the maps and trail information included on MTB Project are accurate and up-to-date.

I’m looking forward to the next regional summit in the Mid-Atlantic September 21-22.  See you at Rockburn!

For more information about how to become a regional administrator for MTB Project, contact IMBA Mapping Specialist Leslie Kehmeier.

The IMBA Mapping Program is generously supported by Shimano.

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