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Hong Kong Volunteers Tackle More Trail

IMBA Trail Specialists HM Lim and Chris Kehmeier continued their project work with the Hong Kong Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department helping construct a key trails connector.  The AFCD sought to connect the recently constructed practice loops near the Twisk management center to the existing Ho Pui trail 150 meters in elevation lower down.  Volunteers from both the Hong Kong Mountain Biking Association and the Hong Kong Cycling Association teamed up with the AFCD staff and contract crews to create a great trail for the riders of Hong Kong to enjoy.  After designing a flowy down hill with multiple optional lines, construction began with a volunteer day on December 9th.  The volunteer effort was great kick-off for contract crews and AFCD staff to keep construction going for the following the weeks to come.  The contract crews are creating the tread surface and providing the technical construction of the multiple rock retaining walls.  The weekend of December 15th and 16th saw two more volunteer days with them tackling the pieces of the trail that make it a mountain bike trail.  Encouraging the local riders to create the drops, booters, berms, insloped turns and general trail tuning got everyone thirsting for more.

For a great article highlighting the path that took mountain bikers and the AFCD to this point check this out.

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