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Grinding it out at Grindstone Lake

IMBA Trail Solutions just wrapped up 17+ miles of flagging and design in Ruidoso, NM.  Six trails were flagged presenting the locals as well as visitors with stunning views, big climbs, flowy downhills and just about everything else one could think of.  Trail Specialist Chris Kehmeier, took the conceptual plan and put boots to dirt creating a design on the ground that will serve first time trails users, as well as the most demanding of trail connoisseurs.  The crown jewel of the system will be the Grindstone Mesa Trail, which will take users on a 360° viewing expedition highlighting the 12,000’ summit of Sierra Blanca Peak and the sprawling timbered foothills falling back towards the low desert scrub.  The views will be punctuated by tight singletrack pinballing through trees and two sizeable rock fields near the intersections with the Grindstone Ridge Trail and the Alfred Hale Connector Trail.  The great thing is the Grindstone Mesa is just one part of an unlimited system that will take users up, down and around some spectacular scenery.

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