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Golden, CO: Homecoming

It’s been a rule of thumb to expect the unexpected on the Trail Care Crew. We usually roll into a new town with new faces and new trails every weekend. It’s actually become the rule, not the exception. This past weekend was a little bit different. We started the last month of our TCC tour in very familiar territory: our home state of Colorado.

Between now and mid-June we’ll work in four places that we’ve either lived in or have close ties to. The first stop was Golden to work with COMBA and Jefferson County Open Space. Even with the cool and rainy weather we still had a fun and productive weekend.

I’ve always known North and South Table Mountains to be those flat-topped landmarks west of Denver that are separated by Coors Brewery. For locals, the smell is probably the most distinctive thing about the area. Leave it to a TCC visit to make us look beyond the obvious and discover a place that has some really beautiful terrain.

 Capped by basaltic rock that formed from ancient lava flows, North and South Table are home to a plethora of plants and wildlife. Like other places on the Front Range, this landscape provides wonderful place to explore nature very close to a large metro area.

For COMBA and other trail stewards in the area, our Trail Care Crew visit was a great opportunity to learn about what’s happening at North Table and to put in a little sweat equity on the trails. After a morning Trailbuilding School at the American Mountaineering Center we reconvened near the new Golden Bike Park and hiked up onto the eastern hillside of the mountain. From the project site we had a nice (and misty) view of downtown.

The first layer was the hardest, but after we picked through a healthy amount of rocks, we got into some nice soil for trailbuilding. The drizzle didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits and in just a couple of hours we had built a few hundred feet of sweet singletrack. Before the big drops showered down, we hustled back to the cars and made plans to warm ourselves with hot drinks and memories of a fun day.

Maybe our work in Colorado won’t be that different. The locations might be familiar, but we’ll still have the pleasure of meeting new people and helping them build new trails. It will definitely be a nice homecoming.

BIG Thanks to Katherine Fuller, our wonderful Trail Care Crew Coordinator and new COMBA member. She is instrumental in the planning of all of our visits and had a big hand in this one. Thanks to COMBA for advocating for trails and access in and around the Denver area. Thanks to Dave Davenport at Jefferson County Open Space and Trails for your information about the process at Table Mountain and the awesome swag! Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the cool spring temperatures to dig in the dirt and play with rocks. We appreciate the effort!

Photos from the visit can be found here.

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