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First Snow on the BST

Bonneville Shoreline Trail First Snow 2012


The project received a foot of snow on the same day Trail Solution's Brazilian intern Gabe Wanderly arrived. He immediately went to work in knee deep pow! No trailwork but plenty of corridor to cut. It took a few days for the slopes to melt, leaving the crew with tacky tread conditions for more machine construction.


The IMBA Trail Solutions crew of Chris Leman, Chris Kehmeier and Joey Klein are still surging forward having cut 2 miles of trail in difficult terrain. Rocky Mountain Power has granted Weber Pathways a use-able corridor width of 200 feet.


The Trail Solution's crew are putting the Snowbasin Ski Resort’s Trail Dozer to work, using it to build twelve in-sloped switchbacks to climb the summit and four down the backside.


When the snow finally melted, Weber Pathways organized a powerful volunteer workday, hand finishing nearly 5,000 feet! The following day everyone tested the trail and couldn’t believe the dust was already back.


Thanks to everyone involved, there is now over two miles cut and over one mile hand finished. Check with Weber Pathways for upcoming Trail Work days...


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