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Fat Monday

Happy Monday from IMBA Maps.  Yeah, yeah; grumble, grumble….

Since the World Summit in October I’ve been gearing up for the winter season and coordinating with many people who will help us get started mapping every trail on the planet.  I’ve also had a chance to play a little in the snow.  I’m not talking about a lift ticket and a snowboard though, I’m talking about my favorite new bicycle, my fat bike. And riding around on my 4”+ tires got me thinking; where do people ride fat bikes?

So let’s have some fun.  Let’s make a map together of fat bike locations throughout the world.  See below for a short video and instructions on how to contribute.  Link to The Fat Bike Map here.


fatbikes from IMBA Maps on Vimeo.

Adding fat bike locations to the map:

Follow this link to open the map:

Add Location for Fat Bike riding
1. Search for the fat bike location

  • Go to upper right of map and type in location. Press enter or click search icon

2. Once the maps zooms to your area, close the location pop-up
3. Locate fat bike area.

  • A click and drag can be used for panning. Zoom in/out is located on a slider bar on the left hand side of the map

4. Find and click the Edit button on the bar above the map (button with pencil icon).

  • The left side of the map will change to the Add Features menu with Fat Bike Locations listed

5. Click the Sand or Snow button and move cursor to the location of the fat bike area on the map
6. Click to place the point.

  • Details about the fat bike location can be added here. When finished click the close button.

7. Repeat this process for multi fat bike locations.

Map saves automatically

Have fun!

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