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Faces of Advocacy: Judi Ronkartz

The most successful clubs in the mountain bike advocacy world do a lot of things really well.  They build trails, they speak for the mountain bike community, and they get more people on bikes.  The key to the last point is providing an experience that is fun, one that keeps people coming back.  For the Austin Ridge Riders, getting people on bikes means fostering new leadership.  It's the path that current president Judi Ronkartz followed when she joined ARR's Ride Like a Girl program.

We had the opportunity to work with Judi twice during our Trail Care Crew travels and were always inspired by her passion, enthusiam, and dedication to mountain bike advocacy.

I love trails because...

They take me places that soothe the soul and challenge the body. I’m happy when I’m on a trail. I may be temporarily lost, slightly injured, or mechanically stumped…but never unhappy!

Before I became an advocate, I wish I had known that...

Dedicated volunteers were putting in thousands of hours of hard work to provide great riding for the masses.

My #1 advocacy tip is...

Pay it forward…the more you give the more you get.


Keep you young.

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