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Faces of Advocacy: Chris Orr

Recently the Trail Care Crews have been reminiscing about all of the great people they meet as they travel the country.  Each weekend is inspiring as we work with volunteers, land managers, local business people, and everyone else who cares about trails.  They are the people who make things happen.  They are the faces of advocacy.

In the upcoming issue of IMBA Trail News you’ll get to meet a few of the people we’ve gotten to know.  We've asked them a few questions and they’ve enlightened us with their thoughts about trails, bicycles, and what it means to them to be an advocate.

To get an idea of what’s to come, here’s a glimpse into to the world of a well-known advocate in Southern California.  Meet Chris Orr…

I love trails because...

Trails were my first adventures and freedom.  As a kid I'd hike or ride to the trails that wove through the creek near my house in Nebraska.  Forts, rope swings, and then jumps and berms!  Then my friends and I ventured to other neighborhood creeks and trails and we'd find different types of jumps and designs.  Short story, trails were found everywhere; in the creeks, through school, in the mountains, in the career, with the family, on the water, in the desert...everywhere in life.  And if you build those trails well...

Before I became an advocate, I wish I had known that...

I needed delegation training.  You can do a better job advocating if you have people you can depend on, give a task to, a crew.  It takes awhile to master this skill and I'm still not proficient.

My #1 advocacy tip is...

It can be done.  Stop, rest, think; approach it from a different angle.  Keep plugging away with good intentions.  Persevere and change will happen.


Not a sport, not a past time, not a hobby, but an integral part of my life.  Bicycles have taken me far and wide.  (They have) given me both incredible and harrowing (sometimes at the same time) adventures.  Bikes keep the ego in check.  Bikes have introduced me to many amazing people.  And bikes have even given me the ability to walk...better.

Thanks Chris!

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Chris has done so much for

Chris has done so much for the local Mountain bike scene is so many way. For that I have to say thank you so much! I don't think people know how hard people like Chris work to keep a place for us to ride. Well, this family does.

Rock on!
Marshall and family