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Bell Built Grant in Steamboat Springs is on the ground

After several months of work, The Bear River Bike Park in Steamboat Springs has come to fruition.  The local club, Routt County Riders, applied for a Bell Built Grant in the spring of 2013 to make an addition to the local bike park and bicycle community.  Through a collective effort between Routt County Riders (RCR), the City of Steamboat Springs, Flowline Trail Design and IMBA the twelve progressive jumps were put on the ground using several thousand yards of soil.

Flowline spent the final days of construction dialing in the jumps and building two huge berms to help re-direct the riders back to the start.  IMBA provided meticulous measuring, photographing and documenting of the jumps in order to create an as built document for future maintenance of the bike park.   The Flowline crew and the local riders gave the lines a go to see how each jump flowed and just how progressive the features were.  Now open, the new jumps are receiving solid reviews from the local ridership and land managers.

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