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Langfang Bike Park Rises from the Dust

Langfang Bike Park Rises from the Dust

By: Chris Kehmeier
Posted: April 23, 2014

Trail Solutions was contracted to assist with construction of an 80 acre bike park south of Beijing in Gu’An, Langfang, Hebei PRC. After over a year of planning the concept has finally become a reality. Challenged with a site that had very little elevation change the international team focused on every little hill and valley. With very little bench cutting to be had, every trail built was a result of importing the material to create a lifted and tilted platform to ride on. Trail Specialist Randy Spangler teamed up with Shea Ferrell with Flowline to create an innovative gravity zone complete with six progressive pump and jump trails, a technical descent trail, a pump track and a skills area.

While they were making the gravity population happy, Trail Specialists HM Lim and Mark McClure spent their time creating a lifted and tilted base for the cross country crowd itching to further their skills and fitness. The cross country trails range from undulating, wide green tracks to tight and rock choked black trails. There is also a dedicated 3.5 kilometer race loop complete with three risk and reward zones, four mandatory technical areas and a whole lot of pedaling. The focus was to create a trail that would provide both technical challenges as well as reward the fit racer. Apart from the mountain bike facilities, a 3 km criterium loop for road riders was built for the skinny tired crowd.

After all was said and done the Trail Specialists on the ground shaped and placed a whole lot of material. With nearly 10 km of trails and features built, the Trail Solutions team sculpted nearly 20,000 cubic meters of imported soil, placed nearly 300 tons of boulders and 21 wooden roller features. For three weeks the team kept pace with local crews hauling the raw materials out on the site and placing them along the flag lines. Local hand crews chased the Trail Solutions team making sure everything was smooth and sculpted and ready for the first set of tires. The fourth and final week of construction was a full on blitz of landscaping with areas getting grass seed and over 1000 trees getting planted with more on the way.

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