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Montana Mountain Bikers Serve 100 Hours on CDT

On Sunday, May 7, 25 cyclists from five towns across southwest Montana gathered on a chilly 37-degree morning at Homestake Pass just east of Butte for a trail workday on two sections of the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).  More than 13 miles of trail was cleared of beetle-killed downfall and drainage was improved on both routes.

At Homestake Pass the CDT crosses over Interstate 90 and makes for easy access to the recently rebuilt sections that flow through giant granite boulders in the forest. Montana’s cyclists are pro-actively partnering with other users to forge a better understanding between groups, promote safety out on the trail and perform needed sweat stewardship on the CDT.

The Butte ranger district that accrued 100 volunteer hours from the event sanctioned this workday. Clubs involved included Highland Cycling Club, The Dirt Concern, Montana Mountain Bike Alliance and Friends of Pipestone.

More cyclist led work days are scheduled for the CDT in Montana including much needed maintenance on alpine backcountry sections in the Henry and Centennial Mountains this summer.

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