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Welcome to the NMBP Blog

Welcome to the National Mountain Bike Patrol blog! This is your new home for stories, tips, Q&A, updates and camaraderie. The hope is to give you a greater sense of connection to the national program and your fellow patrollers nationwide.

Here’s what you can do with the NMBP blog:

  1. Have your toughest questions answered by experienced patrol leaders. katherine [dot] fuller [at] imba [dot] com (Submit here!)
  2. Read about ongoing program news and updates.
  3. Read stories about successful patrols and patrol activities. Help us build up a good archive and katherine [dot] fuller [at] imba [dot] com (brag about your group here.)
  4. Share ideas and contribute to patrol discussions. This is your chance to be heard.
  5. Read up on weekly training tips.

As this is a public forum, please be respectful. Constructive criticism is welcome; personal attacks are not and will be removed.  Katherine will actually read all comments and take suggestions into consideration, so thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

Check out the new gear!

IMBA teamed up with Primal Wear to create new patrol gear for the upcoming season. We expanded the offerings and made the design uniform across all products. We also asked for the most intense red available, so you will be hard to miss! Pre-ordering for baggy jerseys, women's jerseys, wind vests and lightweight spring jackets will be open very soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for instructions.

Basic baggy NMBP jersey

Classic, loose-fit jersey

Wind/rain jacket

Ladie's NMBP jersey

Women's NMBP jersey

Wind/rain vest
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I'm looking for the new jacket. Did it sell out or never go up?

NMBP Jacket

If you haven't received the "wind/jacket", be thankful (unless you paid for it). If you are looking for a long sleeve jersey it is great; a jacket it is not except for maybe a brief jaunt early in the morning in San Diego. The one that I received is the same material as the women's jersey except with long sleeves - why bother.

Ales & Trails - China Camp, Ca

Always a great time ! Come check it out.


When will the new Jersey's be ready for purchase on the web. I still see old Jersey in the shop?

New Jersey (Shirt, not state)

The new kit looks nice, but doesn't appear to have much if any space for local patrol, agency (like USFS volunteer) or medical certification patches. When I was on the Advisory Committee, we intentionally left a sleeve blank for those identity items when we designed the original red jersey. Jon Alegranti, the first National Coordinator after NORBA, also did that with the old yellow and green jerseys. I'll probably buy one, but I will probably wear the old ones with the local patches as long as they hang together.

Jus' sayin...

Patrol Website

It is nice to see the website updated and the new articles of clothing.

Keep up the good work,

Steve Baumgartner
Dallas, TX

Women's Jerseys

Props to IMBA/Nema for the new women's patrol jersey!