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SORBA August News

Premier international MTB tour guide to ride with SORBA in Highland Rides series, Plus Mexico and Scotland tours for members only

BikeToursDirect has partnered with SORBA to offer two overseas MTB tours in 2014, available exclusively to SORBA members. Details are below for tours in Scotland and Mexico next year, offered through BikeToursDirect and operated by H&I Adventures. To help educate SORBA members on this exciting travel program, BikeToursDirect staff and H&I Adventures owner and premier worldwide mountain bike tour guide Euan Wilson will be hosting a group ride series with several SORBA chapters.

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A Tale of Two Chapters

Changes for the Atlanta and Paulding Chapters of Georgia
By Annabeth Purcell of SORBA Atlanta

Did you know that there are 14 IMBA-SORBA chapters in Georgia? And more than a quarter of those chapters fall inside Atlanta’s metropolis of over five million people. So how many members does that add up to you might ask? Surprisingly, it isn’t much. But new trail projects continue to pop up all over the place! And without advocates to support them in the long run, it’s not certain how long they will last. So, if you’ve ever been on a chapter board, you know the age old questions, “What are we doing wrong? What are we doing right? And how do we encourage more people to sign up and/or volunteer?” I think we can all agree that one way to begin increasing membership is to go local, join forces wherever possible, and try our best to plan for future growth. And the Atlanta and Paulding SORBA Chapters are doing just that, planning for the future!

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Trek Bike Giveaway Winner

Twice a year Subaru, IMBA-SORBA and Trek hold a drawing to give away a new bike to a SORBA member. The June 2013 winner was Sean Wiggins of Jonesborough, TN, who is a member of Tri-Cities SORBA (see photo above). Sean received a 2013 Trek Stashe, generously donated by Atlanta Cycles.

Welcome, SORBA Orlando

IMBA-SORBA is pleased to welcome SORBA Orlando as its newest chapter. Check out one of its trails, the Snowhill Bike Trail in Little Econ State Forest.

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