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Shred 'n Shoot

IMBA's communications department recenly went from an army of one to an army of ... two. I will be leading IMBA's new media charge in 2012, but me, myself and I alone can't cover the vast expanse of great mountain biking stories that need telling. As much as I wish I could travel to a different IMBA chapter every month to film sweet singletrack, the only helm I'm going to be manning is a green desk with an Adobe Premier-equipped Mac in Boulder, CO.

That's where you come in. How many of you already ride with a GoPro/Drift/Contour/etc. or regularly film your buddies shredding you favorites trails with your HD DSLR? How many of you already have a cache of great footage just hanging out on your computer, waiting for a wider audience?

Please share your videos with me. Your stuff doesn't necessarily have to be edited with music and a storyline — I'd be glad to work with you to shape raw footage into an edited piece with music, graphics, etc.

I'm especially interested in footage of the following:

1. IMBA-designated Epics, Ride Centers, Flow Trails, Gateway Trails

2. IMBA Trail Care Crew visits and/or the resulting trail projects

3. Trails built and maintained by an IMBA club or chapter - just show us where you ride!

Here's a cool example of sweet trails in Florida (yes, believe it).

Here's a mashup of riding shots from the Blackjack Trail near Denver.

Have something we can use? Want to go out and shoot for us? We'll give you and your organization props and I'll greatly appreciate the help. Contact me and I'll help you send along your video, or send me a link to your YouTube or Vimeo page. If there's a good story that goes along with the trail, please let me know.  katherine [dot] fuller [at] imba [dot] com


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I have some GoPro HD videos of Fruita and Moab if this helps.

Here are some links to some videos I have made in Fruita and Moab over the past couple of years.

Fruita, Colorado

Joe's Ridge

Upper Zippity Doo Dah

The Ribbon Trail in Grand Junction.

Rustler's Trail

Horsethief Bench

Moab, Utah

The Rockin A' trail (part of the Moab Brand Trails)

I know this is alot of videos but hope it helps you with your project.


The Hampton, TN Watershed Mountain Bike Trails

This Trail System is an Eagle Scout project startup of 2 of my friends. We have turned it into a 5 mile trail network with a 1.5-2 mile climb with 800 feet of elevation gain, and a screaming fast descent that loses the same amount of elevation.

Please let me know what you think! feell free to watch my other videos on youtube.

Dutch and Wales Imba style tracks

Hi, glad to help you out with some footage. Here are some vids from my home tracks in the Netherlands and visits to Wales. Our club welcomed the Imba Trailcrew twice and our tracks are still one of the best for a country with only some hills in the south.


Videos from the Southeast: Five Points, FATS, and more

Feel free to download and utilize these videos as you see fit.

Five Points on Lookout Mountain

FATS in South Carolina

Flow Trail Examples