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Praise for Middle Tennessee Mountain Bike Patrol

Members of the SORBA Middle Tennessee Mountain Bike Patrol train and conduct patrol rides on a regular basis, always ready to assist those in need on the trail. The patrollers are low-key about their efforts, but they deserve much praise for their selfless devotion and received such praise recently in an email from A.J. Patrillo. He was injured during the Lock 4 Xterra race and received help from Jim Van Vleet, SORBA Middle Tennessee chapter president and bike patrol member (referred to as the "trail medic").

This e-mail is for the race director and all of the volunteers that put on the Lock 4 event yesterday. I am A.J. Petrillo, number 6, who injured his ribs yesterday. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the organization of the race and most importantly the EMS and trail medics you had for the event. After I went down, there was a seamless series of events that took place in a potentially very chaotic situation.

First, the trail medic helped me out of the trail, carrying my bike for me, where an EMS was already waiting for with his medical supplies. The trail medic stuck around until the situation was under control, took my bike to my car and put it on the rack. Once he was sure the EMS was taking care of everything, he went back to the trail. I don't remember his name, everything was a bit of a daze, but please thank him for me.

The EMS on site was a true professional as well. As it started to thunderstorm he gave me his jacket while he became soaked. Once we decided it was best to go the hospital, the ambulance was there within 10 minutes.

I am extremely thankful that you had a plan and everything in place for a potential injury. My ribs found the perfect stump to break my fall with. I am extremely lucky that it is only severe bruising and torn cartilage between the ribs. The pain was unbearable after it happened, so I am very glad the onsite EMS talked me into going to the ER to make sure nothing serious was going on internally.

Again, I can't thank you and your volunteers enough for everything they did for me yesterday. Please pass this e-mail onto everyone involved.

I hope to race in your event again next year.

Thank you!

A.J. Patrillo
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