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5 Questions with Mountain Bike Rockstars: Tim Scott, AR

They aren’t famous or sponsored, but they’re people you should know about because they’re making mountain biking better for everyone, and we think they’re rad.

NAME: Tim Scott (pictured above, left, with former Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew Steve and Morgan)
LOCATION: Devil’s Den State Park, Winslow, Arkansas
MEMBER OF: Ozark Off Road Cyclists, since 1997
ALTER EGO: Assistant Park Superintendent (park ranger) at Devil’s Den

1. How did you get into mountain biking?

In 1986, my supervisor—Wally Scherrey—started talking about “the new craze in cycling” called mountain biking and how it would fit with the mission of the park, so we went and bought a couple of Schwinn Sierra bikes. We rode mostly forest service and gravel roads. In 1989, we went to Crested Butte, CO, to observe the 13th Annual Fat Tire Festival and steal all the ideas we could. From there, I organized the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival in 1989, an event now approaching its 26th year. By 1991, we started building official mountain bike trails at Devil’s Den, which was the first Arkansas State Park to have mountain biking. It has been a part of the landscape ever since. I was lucky to be at a state park that was progressive enough to embrace mountain biking.

2. What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve done as a mountain bike volunteer?

Watching novice riders take to the sport and excel during the Ozark Mountain Bike Festival.

3. What keeps you coming back and helping out in your free time?

The local bike club, Ozark Off Road Cyclists (OORC), has been very instrumental in assisting with trail building and repair. The group assists with Devil’s Den’s mountain bike events—Ozark Mountain Bike Festival and Northwest Arkansas Mountain Bike Championships. Without OORC’s help, the park’s trails would not be as good as they are. I like to contribute when I can because we are lucky to have such a great group so close to the park.

4. Describe your favorite bike and why you love(d) it.

A rhetorical question! I really liked my first bike, a Schwinn Sierra, because it introduced me to the sport. My Trimble was a great bike, and since it was built by an Arkansan, it was a favorite. The Trek Fuel introduced me to full suspension; what a difference! But they are all great bikes.

5. Tell us your best crash story.

I crashed once riding at the Buffalo River Headwaters when a female rider flew by me on a downhill and, naturally, I decided to follow. That was a mistake; I went over the bars and into poison ivy, dislocating my collarbone and breaking several fingers.

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