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Dig In Profile: Meet Tiffanie Beal

In this series, Dig In is profiling all 21 women who work for IMBA. We want to show that we’re just regular people who happen to have awesome jobs. And the hope is that by getting to know us, you’ll feel more comfortable seeing us as an approachable resource. We begin with Tiffanie, IMBA's Finance Administrator. She works out of the Boulder, CO, office, is one of our fastest riders (faster than most of the men) and is professionally trained as a baker/chef.

Age: 32

Hometown: I call Boulder my hometown. I’m from strip-mall heaven in a suburb in Washington state, but I left as soon as high school was done. I went to college at the University of Colorado and discovered I never wanted to leave. Boulder is where I was meant to be.

How might we know you? I’ve answered your calls and emails (member services), assisted with all things chapter (chapter services) and now have transferred to finance. I’ve seen a lot of IMBA!

How long have you been with IMBA? 4 years 4 months. It’s now the longest I’ve ever been with any organization.

What was your mountain biking experience BEFORE joining IMBA? I had been racing bikes for many years, got to a pretty high racing level, and then promptly injured my back the day before starting my job at IMBA. So the last 4 years I haven’t been able to bike much with my co-workers. But this year I’m finally feeling better, and ready to remember how to shred.

Tell us about the bike you chose to be photographed with: My Niner EMD is my townie bike and I’m in love with it. It’s rigid, nice and simple with a 1x10 drive train. Super light and super nimble. It’s aluminum so I can lock it up on the town for happy hour, and then take it straight for a ride. Or vice versa… It would probably be better to ride first, then go to happy hour.

What other bikes do you own? I like to just have two bikes to cover everything I need. I just got a new, Santa Cruz TallBoy. It's my full suspension trail bike and I've been riding it for a few weeks now. I wish I had been able to include that bike in this photo too; I can't decide which of my two bikes I love more now.

What other things do you like to do outside? Happiness for me is being outside. I am also an avid trail runner; I really enjoy backcountry skiing and hut trips; I occasionally paddle, play tennis, and challenge my neighbors to competitive lawn games. Oh yes, I love car camping, too, as you can bring your bike and still sleep under the stars.

My other love is good food, cooking and baking. I worked in bakeries and a cooking school to put myself through college, and my love of creating and discovering in the kitchen continues.

Tell us about a couple of things you’re really proud of: I’m really proud of all my scars. I have some serious ones, and each one has shown me something very important about myself.

I’m also proud of my stars and stripes jersey. I won the cross country MTB marathon national championships back in 2009 (open division, not pro division). And I’m really proud of all the crazy adventures I was able to find during adventure racing. When I was a kid I would watch it on the television and I promised myself I would some day adventure race, and I did so competitively for 5 years.

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Strip mall Heaven

I love that reference to Strip mall heaven. I am from Puyallup and listening to people try to pronounce the Indian names from Washington are hilarious. I also moved away, but I headed to the South East. Get back on that bike and shred!