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Desert Beauty

Desert trail building is a special art of its own (the art of transplanting Cacti is interesting to witness). We learned a bit more about this out at Tom’s Thumb Trailhead this weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. The wonderful City of Scottsdale staff helped us determine what plants could be transplanted and which ones we should try our hardest to work around. This was a big help out on the workday, as we sat back in amazement watching these Stewards move Cacti like they were flowers.

Impressed as we were with the Cacti, it went far beyond the green. With 28 volunteers, we put 1,100 feet of beautiful desert single track down. This section of trail was the ground breaking of a trail that will connect the McDowell Sonoran Preserve to a vast multi use trail system. This area is well on its way to achieving some serious goals.

Scottsdale, AZ is one to mark on the map! We expect this will easily become a destination to hit once they connect these two trail systems. Not only do they have the miles, they have the beauty! We marveled at the beauty. Definitely come check out Scottsdale.

Thank you Lorraine for hosting such a wonderful weekend and for letting us stay in your home; you were so organized! We also want to send out a huge thanks to the City of Scottsdale and the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy for an excellent turn out this weekend. We appreciate everyone’s hard work! Finally, to all our volunteer Stewards and Bike Patrol members who supported their trails. You guys are amazing!

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