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You won't believe your eyes!

Talk about a big surprise…

I think we have driven through or near Kingman Arizona on multiple occasions, unknowing of the amazing views and scenic trails hiding away in the canyon walls. We were nothing short of amazed as we snaked along the trail right out side of Castle Rock Trailhead, waiting to see what each new corner brought into view.

The second surprise was the amount of dedicated and excited volunteers that would show up to help out on Saturday. With 27 people, we were able to help the Kingman Bureau of Land Management add some footage to a key connector trail that will link BLM land to the city trails. We cut in about 300 feet of new single track, transplanted several cacti that were uprooted during our progress and did some finishing work on trail previously built.

The vibe was high and the trail was beautiful! We cannot wait to return to Kingman and ride on the finished project once the connection is made! This are truly has a lot of potential, and we hope to help them create an IMBA Chapter and progress their trails to the next level!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers that came out to support IMBA and Kingman. Thank you to the Kingman BLM for allowing us to come and share our knowledge! Thank you to the Kingman Mountain Bikers that make all our accommodations comfortable and for overall being an awesome crowd! Keep in touch and keep building!



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