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What a Turnout!

Talk about a great visit to come off of vacation to!  This weekend we were down in Mountain View Arkansas with the OORC (Ozark Off-Road Cyclists) and the Friends of Syllamo Trails to work on the Syllamo Trails.

There has never been a better turn out than our Trail Building School this weekend! We has 72 people come to class to learn how to build and maintain sustainable trails. We were impressed by the groups dynamic as well. There were members from OORC, Friends of Syllamo Trails, MORC, CATA, FAST and even some Memphis helpers!

56 people came out to the trail with us after class to put into practical application what they had learned. We completed 600 feet of new trail, as well as a 400-foot re-vegetation project to close down the old trail that was eroding.  The weather held out just long enough for us to work, and then the sky opened and we got snowed in!

We’d like to extend appreciation to USFS District Ranger Jim McCoy, and Sylamore Ranger Jay Swafford for their cooperation and encouragement to IMBA and the volunteers this weekend. Also, Governor Beebe's liaison Jon Moran for the presentation of the Arkansas Traveler Certificate to us during TBS. We greatly appreciate being recognized in this way. Thank you to every single volunteer who came out from areas all over to support the Syllamo Trails! To Justin Ray for making an amazing video documentation of the weekends events! And to Margie for all the great food she cooked and provided to the volunteers this weekend.

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Mt. View, AR

Great job Jessie and Lori. This was my first event with IMBA and I must say it was educational, physical, and fun. Thanks so much for your time! Thank you also to my friend, Steve S. who assisted with lodging. Gretch