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What do you call a deer with no eyes??

This weekend at the Grand Canyon was memorable for reasons that reach even further than the amazing scenery.  Good times were shared amongst campfires, fiestas, group riding and no-eye-deer jokes.

The Grand Canyon Rainbow Rim Trail, could anyone ask for a more beautiful location to do trail work?? We couldn’t. The beautiful atmosphere must have been the reason behind all the good vibes and bad jokes this weekend, there was never a dull moment.

With the help of the Kaibab and Dixie Forest Service, as a group, we were able to reclaim 900 feet of road and bench cut a new 900 feet in its place. Also, we converted about 1200 feet of road into trail! This was one of our most productive visits ever and we have all of our volunteers to thank! We appreciate everyone who drove the 2 hours out to the work site to help!

Special Thanks to Missy of the Kaibab Forest Service for being an amazing host! And to all the Kaibab and Dixie Forest Service Staff for your amazing work this weekend. Again, to all the volunteers who came out to help as well! Nothing is possible without your good spirits (and corny jokes).

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