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Welcome to Green Bay

Green Bay, WI, the home of Aaron Rodgers, Cheese curds, Zippin’ Pippin and Baird Creek Trails mountain bikers! One thing is for sure, there was never a dull moment in Green Bay.  We were met with excitement and many can do attitudes this week!

The Bay area proved that a little hard work goes a long way! As many organizations banded together to attend Trail Building School and personally become more educated on how to bring better trails into their area. The volunteers were both hard working and efficient in their teamwork and processes, as we were able to build 1500 feet of new trail, as well as close down and re-vegetate 1000 feet.

There is no shortage of community here, and it shined strong through the rain this weekend out at Baird Creek! There is a lot of work to yet be done, but with good leadership and helpful volunteers, there is great potential and many good things to come.

Special thanks to Cole and Mike for making this trip accommodating for us, also to Baird Creek Trails, Green Bay Parks and Recreation Department, Stadium Bike Shop and the help of over 40 volunteers!



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