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Welcome to Cave Creek!

This is one impressive high desert trail system! The trails at Cave Creek kept on surprising us at every turn, not to mention, we have never seen more wildlife and beautiful cacti in one place before. The high desert can be demanding and dangerous if not respected, but well worth the adventure in so many ways.

The Cave Creek Bicycle Association provided an impressive turnout and show of spirit this weekend! There is no doubt that this community will quickly become a destination to check off the list, and then revisit every year following! The trails are an exciting combination of steep long climbs, winding, flowing downhill and scenic cross country sections. There is truly something to offer everyone. Not to mention, the people in Cave Creek are just wonderful!

With our 25 volunteers on Trail day, we knocked out two new corners that replaced a rather uncomfortable ninety-degree corner, and we completely rock armored a 40 foot sand creek crossing. It’s impressive to see and easy to ride compared to the sand pit.

Thank you to our wonderful hosts, Mike and Daryll for putting together a great weekend full of group rides and great food. Special thanks to Flat Tire Bike Shop for letting us bum their shop for the weekend and for providing BBQ and beer to the weekend and just to the guys of the shop for being so cool! Finally, to our volunteers and attendees! Keep up the good work and to everyone doing the race in a couple weeks, good luck!



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