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Wausau is Working Hard

Wausau, Wisconsin has some big up and coming plans! CWOCC, Central Wisconsin Off Road Cycling Coalition, has been hard at work compiling plans and proposals for Ride Center status! We were able to help out by presenting Better Living Through Trails to a large group of local advocates, interested parties, media and locals from other user groups. That same day, we presented Land Manager Training as well. We had great turnouts to both! This will be key in the City of Wausau's progression into a Ride Center. CWOCC needs all the help and support they can get! From what we could tell, this community is willing to welcome this progression with open arms.

The next morning was Trail Building School. The group was ready to work and eager to learn! With 27 volunteers we built 1000 feet of amazing, but technically challenging singletrack trail out at Nine Mile. We were able to incorporate 2 berms into the trail and although we only got one finished, the group has the layout and knowledge for the next workday. The trail we built will reroute the fall line section of trail that was lovingly signed "Daddy Daddy Make it Stop". I'm sure several of you know the spot. The trail we are working to close is a fall line rocky section of trail that is utilized in the Wausau 24 hours of Nine Mile. Although the reroute is not as rocky and steep, it adds distance and fun flow with new rock features to the race course.

Thank you Matt Block and CWOCC members who went above and beyond to help him make this weekend possible. It is a lot of work getting the right heads in the room to make big changes for a community. Your Ride Center proposal is solid and we hope that as a group, you can move forward with your planning and accomplish your goals. Thank you Gigi (CWOCC member) for making everyone a yummy lunch and providing goodies for the presentations!

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