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Try Saying Gitchee Gumee Five Times Fast!

Duluth, MN is a town that currently has a lot going on on the trail front. With the Duluth TraverseSpirit Mounatin flow trails and various other trail projects in both Hartley Park and Lester, we are happy to have been invited to participate in this communities rapid trail growth! A TCC visit is centered around bring people together, teaching them the fundamentals and helping them establish goals to move forward. With COGGS (Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores) and several volunteers, thats just what we did.

We presented Club Care Thursday evening at Spirit Mountain to a group that is established. We went into the presentation wondering what we could teach them or say that would be worth their while. Come to find out, even the most established organizations need a refresher every now and then! COGGS members thanked us for reminding them of where they started and showing them that sometimes going back to the beginning is the next step forward! We were happy to see new goals and ideas forming as the presentation progressed. I think everyone came away with a new point of view and new ideas to bring COGGS another level ahead.

We also presented both Better Living Through Trails and Trail Building School. Each group of folks in attendance had ideas and recommendations that will play a key role in Duluth's future. There are great things happening there -- another example of "Great Community Building Great Trail".

With 10 volunteers, mostly COGGS members, with a few amazing helpers from other user groups, we were able to build about 600 feet of new trail that will re-route a widened section out at Hartley Park. This new trail will be 800 feet in length when completed, and the existing trail will be closed. There is still much progress to be made at Hartley Park, but with a master trail plan in hand and some great volunteers, this trail system will be quite a gem for tourists, local and new riders!

We want to personally thank Waylon for taking on the role of host for the weekend and pulling things together! It's a tough job to make a TCC weekend sucessful, especially when you step into the drivers seat with just a couple weeks to spare. We appreciate everyone who came out to the presentations and shared time with us this weekend. Education is key and the first step is putting forth the time and effort to learn. A big thanks to Best Western and Edgewater for allowing us to stay this weekend! We like to sleep!

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