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Trail Building in the Winter While Sweating...

This weekend is our first weekend back in the heat! And man it was warm!

We were hosted by SORBA Orlando and got to enjoy some winter warmth that is famous here in SORBA. We could not believe the temperatures and humidity here in February. The volunteers were all very acclimated to the heat claiming that this was just winter, but we were suffering.

That heat definitely did not slow us down on Trail Building day, we were fortunate to have cloudy skies for our build. With 42 volunteers, we headed out to the Markham Trail area to create brand new trail. On that Thursday, we had flagged out 2500 feet, thinking it would take us a while to accomplish that much. Those volunteers build all 2500 feet in an hour and a half. We were impressed.

Florida building is a special breed, but it still takes care and planning. This group was enthusiastic and willing to learn sustainable principles and then put them to practice on the Florida ground!

Thank you SORBA Orlando for all the hard work that you put into this weekend! This was one of the most enjoyable visits we have had, and considering our contract is up, you should be proud of your organization and cooperation skills. Thank you to all the volunteers who came out this weekend, some of you traveled from large distances to learn about sustainable trails. We appreciate you all, as always, and hope that you took something away from our class that you will use time and again while building!

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