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They Still Got It...

MORC. Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists, is a Chapter of IMBA that has been around for a while, so they know the drill. We are the fourth Trail Care Crew to be hosted by MORC. I can't lie, when we hit Minneapolis we were a little nervous that we had nothing new to teach them that these guys didn't already know. We feared the "boring" looks during our presentations. It kept us up at night....

Just a joke, but we were concerned with what kind of group we would get. Would they be nearing burnt out? Or all new?

Well needless to say, it was an amazing combination of experienced patient trail bosses, MORC crew and new folks coming out to learn. This made for a great weekend! Land Manager Training was the largest turn out we have ever had, at 17 people! And Trail Building School was equally as awesome. It was a relief! MORC still has it. They are churning out great workdays and they've got the volunteer base to do it!

With 22 volunteers, we built 1300 feet of new trail out at Bertram Chain of Lakes that, once completed, will make a small loop right at the trailhead. Right now, users are having to make a loop by utilizing the gavel road. The goal is to get those users off of the gravel and onto the dirt! The trail will be about 3000 feet upon completion. We though we had flagged more than enough for for 22 people, but this group was moving! They were so motivated, we had to designate a group to move ahead and flag more. Jesse took about 6 guys that were anxious to learn, and taught them on the ground flagging. The rest of the group kept motoring along. At the end of the day, when I gave the "Let's pack it up speech", I was surprised at how many people wanted to keep working, even after 7 hours with us! Good stuff!

This was a great group of dedicated people! Thank You to Jay and Reed for making this weekend possible! The weekends success always reflects on the hosts efforts, you guys hit the nail on the head and got volunteers in those chairs. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who came out and helped us and MORC put some new trail on the ground! We we're impressed at the knowledge and skills that you already possessed. Keep working together and having fun while you do.

Thanks for us!

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Great weekend in the Twin Cities with the Trail Care Crew

Lori/Jesse, thanks much for the fun and educational weekend. I'm now armed and dangerous as a newbie trail builder!

I've blogged about your stay, with 40+ photos at:

Griff Wigley (Mountain Bike Geezer)