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Richmond is Hard at Work

This weekend’s visit was over in Richmond, VA with RVA MORE. Richmond is one of the top four finalists for the Bell Built Grant this year and they are working towards getting IMBA Ride Center status! There is a lot going on in this city, so we were very excited to come to town and see what the buzz was about.

Currently in Richmond, there is a 13-mile urban ride around the James River Park. In this riding area, there are trails for all abilities as well as a skills park with pump tracks and trials options as well. We were very impressed by the layout and utilization of space within this riding zone. The downtown trails are an amazing amenity to the area and it was obvious that the inclusion of trails helped in the cleaning up of this area. We were there on a Thursday evening at 6:30pm and we ran into about 13 other groups.

On a more secluded note, there are about 20-miles of singletrack currently at Pocahontas State Park. These two zones, together, offer a variety of options for visitors. This is a leg up for them in the process.

Over the weekend, we presented Better Living Through Trails, Land Manager Training and Trail Building School. The groups were motivated and eager to learn all they could to help prepare for the next stages of bringing more riding opportunity to Richmond.

For TBS on Saturday we had about 53 people come from all corners of Virginia to learn how to build sustainable trail! There were members of other user groups, State Parks staff, RVA MORE members, Friends of Pocahontas State Park members and several curious locals in attendance. We were very happy with our turnout, but Mother Nature had other plans and unfortunately, it rained on us all day Saturday so we were not able to put any tools in the dirt.

That didn’t stop us though - after class, we headed out to look at the reroute to be completed and talk about the options. This gave the group a chance to see the project and ask questions based on what they had just learned. We also decided to give them an opportunity to do some hands on work with the clinometers. We split up into groups and practiced finding the sustainable grade for the side slope we were standing on.

Good luck Richmond VA! There are motivated groups of people in the town, all willing to help and work towards the Ride Center goal. Thank you RVA MORE for hosting this weekends visit! Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to learn and to those working in various areas to fund and plan for future trails in Richmond.

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