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Great Communities Build Great Trails

The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew was greeted by a packed house this weekend in the California community of Rancho Murieta! Both education sessions — Better Living Through Trails and Trail Building School — were filled with local residents and land managers. It was inspiring to see how well this community has come to work together.

We had a great workday out at Deer Creek Trail, where we did a small reroute of an old cattle trail. The cattle trail ran very close to a small, low-lying wet area, and needed to be moved up onto the contour to accommodate the cycling, equestrian and hiking traffic that has come to use it. With the help of 50 volunteers, we split into two groups and re-vegetated 700 feet of cattle trail while also creating 600 feet of new bench-cut trail up on the contour near the tree line.

Deer Creek sees cattle on the property several months out of the year, and during that time, cyclists are not allowed out on the trail. Volunteers are concerned that the cattle will re-open the trail we re-vegetated. This weekend emphasized discussion and education, with the opportunity to work on Deer Creek. We opted to do the re-route despite the cattle. We hope that with this hands-on experience, all 50 volunteers can help on future workdays that involve new trail.

Organization is a big part of planning a Trail Care Crew visit. We can’t adequately express our appreciation to local host Mark Pecotich for putting together an amazing weekend! Truly this was a great experience for us. Thank you to all those who helped Mark, including members of Murieta Trail Stewardship and Sacramento Valley Conservancy! Thank you everyone, for coming to our presentations and showing enthusiasm throughout our visit.

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