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Rainy Days Aren't All Bad

This weekend was another visit in Iowa, but this time, Cedar Rapids with the IMBA Chapter, Linn Area Mountain Bike Association.

We had a great section of new trail planned out to build Saturday after Trail Building School, but the rain came and never left. The hard part about trail building in the Midwest has to be the weather. It’s so unpredictable. But despite the rain, we pushed out to Squaw Creek Park to walk the proposed trail and talk about future trail workday options. Jesse did a bench-cutting demo (trying not to slip in the mud), and we answered all the questions the crew could muster up while getting poured on. They were such good sports.

A big ‘thank you’ to Michelle and Ken for being such wonderful hosts for the weekend! They really went above and beyond with the planning and hospitality! We appreciate every host and every effort made to make a TCC weekend great, Michelle and Ken will stand out in our minds for sure!

Thank you LAMBA members and other area Chapter members, for your support and patience through the weekend. It was a disappointment to everyone to be rained out, but this group took the opportunity to talk more with us and learn on a more personal basis despite the rain! We enjoyed our time in Cedar Rapids and look forward to passing back through to see the finished product.

Good luck with your future workdays and we are here to answer any questions you might have through the process!

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