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Rain Didn't Ruin Our Parade

This weekends Trail Care Visit was with the Flint River Mountain Bike Association in Albany, GA. Despite the rain and weather that has been pummeling this region, we were able to get out on the trails and both ride, and build!

We presented Trail Building School on Saturday at the First Tee of Albany Golf Course to a larger than expected group! We had 6 people sign up for the class, but come TBS morning, 19 people joined us. This is always welcoming, but for those of you reading this who might attend a future TBS, sign up ahead of time! This makes the lunch process easier for the hosting club or Chapter.

After TBS we hit the trails out at Flint River to work on creating a new trail that will connect existing trails and establish a “loop”. The Flint River folks really aim to host races, including the Color Run, at the Flint River Trails. This loop is a key ingredient to that possibility. So with our 19 volunteers, we got to digging.

In about 3 hours, 19 people helped use build a new ¼ mile section of trail! There is still another ¼ mile to go in order to complete the loop, but the progress made was inspiring. This group was happy and motivated to work. We appreciate the enthusiasm each volunteer put into building that trail, we could see that is where their passion is.

Thank you Flint River MBA for your hard work and efforts to make this weekends TBS possible. We are grateful for all our volunteers and helpers from Albany and surrounding areas. Good luck completing your loop trail and hosting those races!

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